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Elfos Scientiae publishes scientific books and journals on the 
following topics:

- Human therapy with interferons, lymphokines, cytokines, growth 
  factors, and other biomolecules;
- molecular genetics, and recombinant DNA technology;
- monoclonal antibodies, hybridomas, molecular immunology;
- recombinant vaccines and new methods for diagnosis;
- production and purification of recombinant molecules and 
  biotechnological products;
- scaling-up, downstream, process control and automatization;
- application of recombinant DNA techniques and products in 
  agriculture, animal science, and industry;
- transgenesis.

Our publications are:

This is a quarterly serial publication. It appeared in 1984 under the 
name of Interferon y Biotecnologia until 1989 (Vol. 6 No. 3) and 
since 1990 (Vol. 7 No. 1) it is published as BIOTECNOLOGIA APLICADA, 
sponsored by the Ibero-Latin-American Society of Biotechnology 
Applied to Health. 
It publishes original papers in the following sections: review 
articles, research articles, techniques, short reports, and focus. 
The Journal includes as well advertisements of products, services, 
courses, meetings and seminars. The articles are published in Spanish 
or English, indistinctly. The No. 1 of each volume contains the 
cumulative index of the preceding volume.
ISSN 0864-4551
90-100 pages, 20 x 27 cm, chrome. English and/or Spanish.

Prices (USD)                   Institutional      Personal
Subscriptions 1996:               $75.00           $60.00
Separated issues:                 $24.00           $20.00
Back subscriptions:               $48.00           $30.00
Back issues:                      $20.00           $16.00

This is a book series containing the structured short reports of the 
papers presented as oral or poster presentations in the Biotechnology 
Congresses of Havana. Their contents are divided in topics: therapy 
and disease prevention, monoclonal antibodies, immunotechnology and 
diagnosis, cellular and molecular biology, plant biotechnology, 
animal science, biotechnology industry, among others.
Three volumes have been published: 
- volume 1, corresponds to the event organized in 1992. It contains 
  526 articles covering all the fields of modern biotechnology; 
- volume 2 (1994), with 450 papers, is related to biotechnology 
  applied to human health; 
- volume 3 (1995), with 380 articles, is dedicated to a wide spectrum 
  of biotechnology and its applications to agriculture, industry and 
  animal science. 

210-300 pages, 20 x 27 cm, bond, soft cover. In Spanish and/or 

Prices (USD)
Vol. 1 (ISBN 959-235-001-9), 1992   $10.00 
Vol. 2 (ISBN 959-235-002-7), 1994   $12.00 
Vol. 3 (ISBN 959-235-003-5), 1995   $15.00 

This book addresses the important question of the control of 
ectoparasite employing new immunological approaches. The development 
of protective vaccines against Boophillus microplus, the first 
vaccine against ectoparasites and the first recombinant antiparasitic 
vaccine on the market is discussed in this book. Tick biology, 
antigen characterization, process design, analytical methods, 
computer simulation of both infestation and vaccination strategies 
and vaccine preclinical and clinical data collected in Australia, 
Canada, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico are presented in the book in an 
understandable way. The book, which is the first in the series 
Monograph published by Elfos Scientiae, is of interest for 
parasitologists, immunologists, veterinarians, molecular biologists, 
and engineers and biochemists involved in the design and 
characterization of new vaccines.
The author, Dr. Jose de la Fuente, is the Director for Research and 
Development at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 
in Havana and is a member of the Cuban and New York Academies of 
ISBN 959-235-005-1
242 p., 55 fig., 58 tab., 15 x 21 cm, soft cover. In English. 
Price: $30.00 USD

This book covers the basic theoretical elements and a detailed 
description of reproducible procedures of the technology for the 
generation of monoclonal antibodies secretory cells. This technique 
has revolutionized the possibilities of use of the immunoglobulins 
for research, diagnosis, therapy and industry. This book, first of 
the series Theory and Practice by Elfos Scientiae, is aimed for 
technicians and professional personnel interested in this technology.
Its author, Jorge V. Gavilondo Cowley, works since 1982 on the 
obtainment of monoclonal antibodies from hybridomes. Dr. Gavilondo 
has published, in international scientific journals, over 80 articles 
related with Hodgkin's disease, tumoral transformation and 
dissemination, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antibodies. He 
has been invited to collaborate and deliver conferences in scientific 
institutions and universities of more than twenty countries. He is a 
member of the Editorial Board of the journal BioTechniques and the 
Directive Boards of the Ibero-Latin-American Society of Biotechnology 
and the Cuban Society of Immunology.
ISBN 959-235-004-3 
180 p., 24 fig., 15 x 21 cm, soft cover. In Spanish.
Price: $20.00 USD

Payments should be made by telegraph transfer by the equivalent of 
the amount to pay, according to the day's exchange rate, in any of 
the currencies and through one of following banks:

Canadian Dollars       National Bank of Canada, Montreal
German Mark            Deutsche Sudamerikanische Bank, Hamburg
Pound Sterling         National Westminster Bank, London
Swiss Francs           Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich 

The transfers should be made to the Banco Financiero Internacional, 
S.A., Linea y O, Plaza, Havana, Cuba, to the account No. 402.01.8064 
of the Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologia. Elfos Scientiae 
should be notified about the transfer data (date, amount, bank and 
purpose) and the correct address for delivery.

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