Bacteria/Algae Respirometer

Jan Czekajewski 76220.1077 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 6 23:23:34 EST 1996

I developed very sensitive O2/CO2 Respirometer which proven to be 
usefull in measuring respiration of soil, algae, insects, BOD in 
water, oxidation of food, bacteria cutures, photodegradation of 
plastics, biodegradation of petrochemicals atc. It can be used 
both as a closed system or as an open system where air is 
supplied to measuring chambers at constant rate.
It can be used for both anearobic and anerobic bactera and air 
can be replaced with other atmospheres. 1 to 80 samples can be 
monitored at the same time at room or other temperatures.
Other gas analyzers such as H2,H2S,CH4,CO, NO can be connected to 
measure evolution of other then O2 and CO2 gases.
If you are interested in more information I can send you 
published papers on its use id different conditions 
(applications). Please e-mail your STREET ADDRESS.
Jan Czekajewski

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