Final call for abstracts/ 1996 Bacteria & Phage meeting at CSHL

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Mon Jun 10 08:40:23 EST 1996

******* FINAL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS *********	

August 20-25, 1996

Organized by:

Carol Gross, University of California, San Francisco 
Jeffrey Roberts, Cornell University
Marjorie Russel, Rockefeller University

******* Extended Abstract Deadline: June 14th, 1996 ********

You are cordially invited to attend the fiftieth annual meeting on 
Molecular Genetics Of Bacteria And Phages, which will be held at Cold 
Spring Harbor Laboratory from Tuesday evening, August 20 through lunch 
on Sunday, August 25. As many of you know, the fifthieth anniversary of 
this meeting was celebrated at Cold Spring Harbor last summer with a 
special meeting dedicated to "50 years of phage". As now planned, topics 
for this year's meeting include:

* RNA Polymerase and Regulation of Transcription Initiation
* Transcription Elongation, Termination, and Anti-Termination
* Post Transcriptional Control
* Signalling and Global Circuits
* Protein Folding and Heat Shock
* Cell Surfaces, Secretion, and Import
* Cell Division and Development
* Replication and Repair
* The Bacterial Genome: Structure, Recombination, and Transposition
* Phage Structure and Display

As usual, anyone submitting an abstract will have the opportunity either 
to talk or to present a poster. The actual session topics will depend on 
the nature of submitted abstracts.  We hope to broaden the scope of the 
meeting and encourage submission of abstracts covering diverse topics 
and under-repesented organisms.  We particularly encourage junior 
investigators to present their results at the meeting. The special 
graduate student rate for 1996 is $575 (includes housing and food). 
Please include a legible copy of your current student ID card and attach 
this to your registration form.

For your convenience, the registration and abstract instructions are 
available at our web site http://www.cshl.org/meetings/ or by email 
request to meetings at cshl.org. Please mail completed forms to the 
Meetings Coordinator at the address below.  Please enclose the deposit 
or full payment with these forms to guarantee your place in the meeting.

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