Bacto Bitone

Yersinia yersinia at BUTTERCUP.CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Jun 12 20:30:35 EST 1996

Subject:     Re: Bacto Bitone
Sent:        96.06.11 21:33
To:          Anicet R. Blanch, anicet at porthos.bio.ub.es
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Anicet Blanch writes,

<Dear colleagues:

Somebody knows the composition of Bacto Bitone? >

Do you mean Bacto as in Difco's Bacto media/reagents? I own the Difco 
Manual, Tenth Edition (which contains all the exact compositions of media 
sold by Difco) and I looked up Bacto Bitone for you. Or should I say, I 
tried to. There was no such listing. If my memory serves me correctly, 
there is also a Bacto brand of microbiological culture media made or sold 
in Australia I recall seeing a couple of months ago on a web page. Alas, 
I did not bookmark the URL, but if you do a web search you'll probably find it.


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