DOS FAX software - help, please !

enevold.falsen at alinks.se enevold.falsen at alinks.se
Thu Jun 13 17:01:13 EST 1996

For many years I have been using a WORLDPORT 2496 FAX/DATA MODEM 
pocket size. It is not operative any more and I have not been 
able to use the WORLDPORT FAX software with other modems.

Could anybody guide me to a DOS FAX software (running under old 
DOS versions) ?

The reason why I would like to be able to fax DOS text files is 
that all my databases are running outside Windows. Why should I 
buy an expensive portable PC when there are plenty of old 286-PCs 
around ? I have one abroad (without Windows) and I would like to 
be able to fax during the summer.

If you do not use your old WORLDPORT 2496, I would like to buy 


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