Bacto Bitone

Yersinia yersinia at BUTTERCUP.CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Jun 15 12:25:00 EST 1996

RapidEye writes:

<I don't have the Difco book here at home; however, it sounds like you 
had either a typing error, handwriting error, or a translation problem.  
I think you are probably looking for "Difco Bactone", and if I remember 
right (been a few years since I used it) it is a pancreatic digest, but I 
wouldn't swear to it.  Try looking up Difco's manual on "Bactone" and see 
if you have any better luck. >

Anicet had said the bitone was an ingredient in Columbia agar. I looked 
this up, and she's right. Just no actual formulation for Bacto Bitone is 
in here. Also, I checked for the Bactone too on seeing this post you 
sent. No Bactone either. 

This is getting rather intriguing, isn't it?


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