For those interested in Halophiles

Bob Simon simon at uno.cc.geneseo.edu
Fri Jun 14 03:50:32 EST 1996

I have spent the past week updating the Halophile WWW site at 
http://pasteur.bio.geneseo.edu.  Whoever said that site maintenance was a bigger job 
than site creation was certainly telling the truth.  But the re-working has led to 
several good things:

I. The Directory:   I have updated the names on the "Directory of those Interested in 
Halophiles and Halophilic Environment "that is kept at the site.  I will be sending a 
second message to this news group containing the complete Directory for your use.  If 
you want to be included in the Directory, or there are any listing errors, please let me 
know.  In addition, the next version of the Directory will contain a job description 
(Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Post Doctoral, Faculty, Work for Industry, 
Employed by Government, Self Employed, None of the Above) for every listing, so add that 
category in any information you supply.  If you are already in the Directory, I will be 
sending a separate message to verify your listing later this summer.

II.  There is a list-server group for discussions on halophiles.  To subscribe to 
HALOPHILE-L, send the following command to listproc at listproc.cc.geneseo.edu in the BODY 
of E-mail:
      SUBSCRIBE HALOPHILE-L yourfirstname yourlastname
For Example:

I have made the newsgroup HALOPHILE-L the focus of the site, so that any inquiries about 
halophiles will go to this group.  More importantly THIS GROUP'S MESSAGES ARE NOW 
ARCHIVED, and the archive can be examined at the Web site.  Currently the messages are 
indexed in four ways, by: thread, subject, author and date.  I am planning to get  a 
search engine at the site so that archived messages can become a valuable resource.

Finally, I am begining to have hard disk problems on my Web Server - it is only an older 
IBM  386/20.  I am trying to get the machine upgraded, but if you have trouble 
connecting it may be out of service for a short while.

Bob Simon

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