filters and Sphingobacterium

Stephen D Lord slord at uoguelph.ca
Mon Jun 17 14:17:24 EST 1996

	We filter large numbers of tissue homogenates through 0.45 micron 
syringe filters for viral assays. Recently we had a bacterial contaminant 
in our tissue culture cell lines (fish cells) that was identified by 
Biolog rapid identification kits as Sphingobacterium multivoram. We have 
been able to pass broth cultures of this bacterium through 0.45 micron 
filters from three different manufacturers.
	Does anyone know anything about this particuler species? Does it 
readily produce L forms? Is it unusually small? Does it produce spores 
(Bergeys says not)?
	Has anyone had experience with bacteria that can be repeatedly 
passed through a 0.45 micron filter?

		Steve Lord     slord at uoguelph.ca

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