Bactericidal activity of EDTA

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Tue Jun 18 08:38:34 EST 1996

<< Subject:	Bactericidal activity of EDTA
From:	Pierre Simard <pierre.simard at mcb.ulaval.ca>
Date:	13 Jun 1996 20:45:43 GMT

I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me the approximative  
concentration of EDTA showing a bactericidal activity against different 
environmental isolates.

Please, answer by email.

Pierre Simard, Ph.D.

EDTA is an antimicrobial enhancer, not an antimicrobial by its self.  See
my forthcoming book from Marcel Dekker entitled:  _Preservative-Free and
Self-Preserving Cosmetic and Drug Products_  eds. Kabara and Orth.  I
usually add 0.1 % to the formula.

Davin C. Enigl, MS-MEAS
Senior Microbiologist, Consultant

HACCP Validations-sm
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Validations
For the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry

June 14, 1996
5:33 am

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