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cwhiteh113 at aol.com (CWhiteh113) (Chris)  writes:

>I am looking for any information (references, books, journal articles,
>etc.) on the historical aspects of the "phage group" who met during the
>summers at Cold Spring Harbor.  A biography of any members of the phage
>group (Max Delbruck, Al Hershey, or others)  would be especially helpful. 


The book you want is "Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology,"
Expanded Edition, edited by John Cairns, Gunther S. Stent and James D. 
Watson. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 1992.

By coincidence, your request comes as the successor of the Phage Course, 
now called Advanced Bacterial Genetics, is in progress here at Cold Spring 
Harbor, where I'm one of the teaching assistants.

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