cyclospora and berries

Phyllis Williams pwilliam at SINCLAIR.EDU
Wed Jun 19 07:57:27 EST 1996

Sue, My mother sent me an article out of the Houston TX paper (I'm in 
Ohio) about this connection.  Evidently there have been 27 confirmed and 
37 suspect cases of cyclospora infection and strawberries are the single 
common factor in all the cases.  The parasite is thought to be on the 
outside and inside of the fruit, thus washing is ineffective.    The 
article goes on to say that the Texas health dept. there are no 
standardized lab tests to look for the parasite in food, so no 
parasite-bearing strawberries have been found.  There is just a very 
strong link with two large groups of people who attended dinners at two 
diferent restaurants and all ate strawberries.
	Phyllis, Sinclair Comm. College, Dayton Ohio

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