streptomycin precipitation question

Patrick patrick at howard.genetics.utah.edu
Tue Jun 18 13:31:55 EST 1996

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, M.C. Bean wrote:

> In our laboratory we are currently using streptomycin sulfate to precipitate 
> membranes as part of a purification procedure. This certainly seems to work 
> and is mentioned passing is a couple of papers we have. The trouble is we 
> don't have any idea why it works. Does anyone out there know? Are there any 
> papers describing the mechanism?

I cannot offer an answer but only another question.  Streptomycin sulfate 
can also be used to precipitate DNA.  Myself and a colleague attempted to 
divine how this would work since DNA is itself a negatively charged 
molecule under the general conditions used for the precipitation.  I can 
try to re-examine the conditions of the precipitation (perhaps they 
favor complex formation between DNA, Na, and strep sulfate?) but if 
anyone can answer the question - what is the mechanism of strep sulfate 
precipitation of DNA? - I would be grateful.


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