Purification of CPS

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>        I am interested in finding out the methods used in the 
>purification of capsular polysaccharide for the species Streptococcus 
>pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis.
>        I need the information for a literature review I have to do for 
>project I am involved in; however, our library is a little limited in 
>micro area (understatement :-).
>        If anyone can give me suitable references (I am told they have 
>been published) or point me to a site which might be useful I would be 
>very much appreciative.  Thanks in advance.
>David Reeson
>University of Southern Queensland
>Toowoomba, Australia

For starters, try "The Polysaccharides, Vol. 1", G.O. Aspinall, Ed., 
Academic Press, 1982.  It has a chapter on polysaccharide purification 
and one on immunology of polysaccharides; the latter includes those you 

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