Function of resolution site

lksiu krisiu at hkusua.hku.hk
Wed Jun 19 09:48:20 EST 1996

I am a graduate student. I am looking forward to having some information that 
concerning with the resolution site inside a transposon. Would anyone tell me how
does it work during transposition? How does it affect the transfer frequency? 
Would it be affect if kind of insertion or deletion is involved? I have found 
a bacteria that cannot tranfer their resistance either by conjugation or transformation.
Sequence data showed that a insertion inside the res. site have been identified.
I did not know. Is this insertion responsible for the intransferable outcom?
I am much appreciated if anyone can teach me above question.
My E.mail: Krisiu at HKUSUA.HKU.HKU
Thank for attention    

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