Gas Blender

Jan Czekajewski 76220.1077 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 20 23:30:28 EST 1996

We have developed precision programmable gas blender working on 
principle of valve timing sequencing. Blender can mix in wide 
range  three gases from the 100% gas cilinders. Before mixing 
precision electronic pressure regulators keep all input gas  
pressures equal and independent of variation of input pressure. 
User can ender desired gas mixture in % from the front panel 
keybord. Computer control via RS232 is also available. Mixed gas 
flow at the output is about 1 l/min.
If you like to receive description of this instrument please 
e-mail your street address to:
Jan Czekajewski
Internet:76220.1077 at compuserve.com

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