cyclospora and berries

N S Uyeda nsuyeda at aol.com
Fri Jun 21 11:04:06 EST 1996

Thanks for your reply to my question about the connection between
cyclospora and strawberries. It seems even more of a mystery with the
illness coming from group gatherings. Everyone is eating strawberries at
this time of year so cases should be spread around the general population
I would think. I read an article (published a few years ago) about an
outbreak in a doctors' dorm in Chicago. (Don't have reference with me but
can provide it.) It was assumed that they got it from the water, though
the organisms was never recovered from the water supply. However the
article did mention that a large party had taken place in the dormitory!
Meanwhile, a public health team has found nothing in Santa Cruz County.
Sue Uyeda, Santa Curz

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