Info on viable but non-culturable bacteria

Lisa Smith scrlhs at Staffs.ac.uk
Wed Jun 26 09:35:12 EST 1996

In article <31C5A653.1D01 at cl.nioo.knaw.nl>, vanhannen at cl.nioo.knaw.nl says...
>I'm looking for an review article on viable but non-culturable bacteria. 
>Preferable in the aquatic environment.
>Thanks in advance
>Erik van Hannen
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>Rijksstraatweg 6                    fax     : +31 294 232224
>3631 AC Nieuwersluis       email: vanhannen at cl.nioo.knaw.nl
>The Neterlands

Here is a few more references for you:

Xu, H. et al. (1982).  Survival and viability of nonculturable E. coli and V. 
cholerae in the estuarine and marine environment.  Microbial Ecology, 8, 

McKay, A. M. (1992). Viable but non-culturable forms of potentially pathogenic 
bacteria in water.  Letters in Applied Microbiology, 14, 129-135.

Duncan, S. et al. (1994).  Luminescence-based detection of activity of starved 
and viable but nonculturable bacteria.  Applied and Environmental 
Microbiology, 60, no. 4, 1308-1316.

Hope they're of some help,


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