Anaerobic Medium?

Ken Inglima Ken.Inglima at MCFPO.MED.NYU.EDU
Wed Jun 26 18:25:00 EST 1996

Hello: Why not use BBl Gas Pak PLus(catalogue # 4371040), a product 
produced by Becton Dickison Microbiology Systems, Cockeysville, Maryland, 
USA (tech information: (800-638-8663). Each box contains 10 aanaerobic 
atmosphere generating envelopes., Hydrogen, generated from a sodium 
borohydride tablet following the addition of water to the envelope, 
combines with  the oxygen  in the presence of a palladium catalyst to 
produce water (the envelope & the cultures are enclosed in a tightly 
sealed/clamped jar). 4 -10 % Co2 is also generated to stimulate the growth 
of anaerobes( the Co2 is produced by the combination of citric acid & 
sodium bicarbonate).  The system is easy to use & not expensive. Tach 
service phone: (800)638-8663. ASk tech services for details about o2 
concentration. It is certainly low enough to support most anaerobes. You 
should also purchase methylene blue anaerobic indicator strips to monitor 
the performance of the envelope/jar system. Hope this answers your need.
                                      Good luck
                                               Ken Inglima

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