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M.C. Bean (MICMCB at leeds.ac.uk) wrote in article <4h1p8j$8bs_001 at leeds.ac.uk>:
:>Is anyone else out there, familiar with the experience of pouring a 
:>polyacrylamide gel really carefully, ticking off every step as you do it and 
:>it not setting?
	My first nasty experience was that the micropipettors I was using 
were NOT calibrated, therefore I did not have enough APS and TEMED. I was 
a really annoying problem. APS is usually the biggest problem in my gel 
pouring experiences. I generally do not use APS which is over a week old 
(even though it was kept in 4 degrees C). Make sure APS is fresh! You can 
know this by the crackling sound it produces when added to water. Also, 
make sure you have the right amount of monomer. Anything less then 3%T 
takes a long time to gel. Cheers and good luck!

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