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Fri Mar 1 22:18:51 EST 1996

Associates of Cape Cod (http://www.acciusa.com) announces the creation
of a new mail list dedicated to the topic of testing for Bacterial Endotoxins,
especially by procedures utilizing LAL.  The creation of this list is timely,
given the current effort to harmonize the international pharmacopeial
procedures lead by the Japanese Pharmacopeia (although see the
discussion in the Sept. 1995 _Pharmeuropa_ p.383 "PA/PH/Exp.1L/T (95) 1,
ANP  Note on the General Method 2.6.14 Bacterial Endotoxins").

Associates of Cape Cod makes this list available to anyone with an interest
in the techniques of testing, or the theory and validation of the test.  To
subscribe to this Bacterial Endotoxin Test mail list, send an Email to:
     Enter the word "Subscribe" as the topic.

Enrollment is automatic from receipt of the subcription request.  We look
forward to a stimulating discussion.


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