Helicobacter - growth conditions

Enevold.Falsen at alinks.se Enevold.Falsen at alinks.se
Sun Mar 3 15:10:44 EST 1996

It is a question of:

- medium (high quality blood agar)
- humidity and temperature (normally 37 øC)
- gas mixture (we prefer hydrogen, not nitrogen)
- patience

Helicobacter bizzozeronii appears the most difficult species to 
handle. The group in Finland should know best ?

(Campylobacter jejuni is quite easy to handle)

E. Falsen

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Subject: Helcobacter culture
Author:  PC {YangFC at maspo2.mas.yale.edu} at UUCP
Date:    1996-03-02 07.47

Hi folks,

Can someone here elaborate some information about how to culture Helicobacter 
spp. ? I can culture Campylobacter jejuni but have some prob grow the 
Helicobacter hepatica lately, ... Any information would be appreciated 
cordially, and thanx in advance.



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