Trond Moretro trond.moretro at nlh10.nlh.no
Mon Mar 4 03:04:06 EST 1996

Hi there.
We are doing some HPLC analysis on culture filtrate from fermentor. We are 
using Biorad Aminex HPX-47H column with 0,005M sulfuric acid as mobil fase, 
0.6ml/min flow, 100 bar pressure, 45 degrees C, 10 ul injection.

Our problem is bad separation of succinate and lactate peaks. Does someone 
have a suggesion on how to improve this resolution/separation?

Trond Moretro,
MATFORSK, Norwegian Food Research Institute
Oslov. 1,1430 Aas, Norway
tel: 64970216 (office)    64970229 (lab.)
Fax: 64970333
E. Mail: Trond.Moretro at matforsk.nlh.no

Forever Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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