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Erma Lai (emlai at ucdavis.edu) wrote in article <emlai-0103960121580001 at reqf-027.ucdavis.edu>:
:>I have a problem when I prepare the stacking gel. I found my separating
:>gel polymerized very well but the stacking gel didn't. The problem is that
:>the wells of the stacking gels were shrinked after polymerized. Therefore,
:>I only can load small amounts of the samples. Hope someone will help me!

	I still think it is a problem with the catalyst and the 
initiator. I had this problem when I first started pouring gels. Few 
things that ou might want to check is that:
1. Make sure your solution is well degassed before addition of APS & TEMED.
2. Make sure that APS and TEMED are mixed in well (Swirl the flask well).
3. If that does not work - increase the amt of APS used. 
	Good Luck and CHeers!
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