Bacillus thuringiensis

Al Yousten at vt.edu
Mon Mar 4 09:52:50 EST 1996

We need a bit more information i..e. are you asking about viability of 
the spores or about the effectiveness of the toxins (in the parasporal 
body). And are you concerned about residual effectiveness on plant 
leaves or in the water (Bti against mosquitoes)? Of course, the 
companies that have been producing Bt for the past 40 years or so have 
been interested in these questions and have attempted to prolong 
effectiveness. There are a number of papers, particularly in the older 
literature, concerning things like UV inactivation of toxins but I don't 
know of any phys/chem  studies of the effects on the proteins 
themselves. The answer to your question may depend on the depth to which 
you are pursuing the question.

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