another question about SDS-PAGE

Michael Kolotila x3887 mkolotila at necc.mass.edu
Mon Mar 4 10:24:35 EST 1996

Dear Erma;
Two things that you can do; use larger combs so that the well will be 
larger even with shrinkage or you can continue to add stacking gel for a 
while to increase the size of you wells as the stacking gel polymerizes 
and shrinks.
Good luck.

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On 1 Mar 1996, Erma Lai wrote:

> I have a problem when I prepare the stacking gel. I found my separating
> gel polymerized very well but the stacking gel didn't. The problem is that
> the wells of the stacking gels were shrinked after polymerized. Therefore,
> I only can load small amounts of the samples. Hope someone will help me!
> Erma

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