Postdoctoral Positions

Carl Bauer cbauer at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Mar 5 15:30:27 EST 1996


Three NIH supported Postdoctoral positions are open April 1 to study
various aspects of bacterial photosynthesis.   The ideal candidates for
these positions should have experience in molecular genetics and/or a
biochemical background involving the isolation and characterization of
recombinant expressed protein.

Two positions are available to study transcription factors that control
expression of photosynthesis genes in response to alterations in oxygen
tension and light intensity.   An additional position is available to study
the biochemistry and/or  regulation of enzymes in the chlorophyll
biosynthetic pathway.   More detailed information on research interests as
well as recent publications from the Bauer laboratory can be obtained from
the "Faculty Research Interests" section of the Indiana University Biology
Department web page which is located at

 Interested individuals should send a curriculum vitae, description of
research accomplishments and references to the address below.

Dr. Carl E. Bauer
Department of Biology
Indiana University
Jordan Hall
Bloomington, IN 47405

Phone (812)855-6595
Fax (812)855-6705
Email:  cbauer at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu

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