REQ for summary of journal article on mycobacterium

Tim McKenzie timmck at netcom.com
Wed Mar 6 14:19:39 EST 1996

Hi there!  I have 2 Q's and one request.
1) I would like to know more info about M. avium specifically
MAC.  I have never heard of this before only about M. avium intracellulaire.
(unless of course they are the same :)) The information I am seeking is
pathogenesis in terms of the GI tract along with incubation period.

2) I would like any info about M. paratuberculosis and its role in
the small and large intestines.

REQ: I was wondering if someone has a copy or a summary 
of this particular article:

Chiodini RJ: Crohn's disease and the mycobacteriosis:  A review
and comparison of two disease entities. Clin Microbiol Rev 2:90,1989

I realize that this is a tall order and any info would be much
appreciated as I have ulcerative colitis and any info about 
mycobacteriae and chrohns might eventually shed light on its sister
disease U.C.

-- many thanks Nadine

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