WWW: Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources

Eric Rumsey eric-rumsey at uiowa.edu
Wed Mar 6 10:19:46 EST 1996

We would like to announce the Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health 
Sources (aka Hardin MD). It's URL is:

http://www.arcade.uiowa.edu/hardin-www/md-micro.html (Microbiology and 
Infectious Diseases)

As the name "meta directory" implies, Hardin MD is a "list of lists" - Its 
purpose is to provide easy access to comprehensive resource lists in 
health-related subjects. It includes subject listings in large 
"one-stop-shopping" sites, such as MedWeb and Yahoo, and also independent 
discipline-specific lists. Hardin MD subject pages indicate the length of 
lists in each subject, making it easy to see at a glance which lists are 
most comprehensive - These are often not the lists from 
the"one-stop-shopping" sites, but those developed by people within the 
field, which are well-known and frequently cited within the field, but not 
well-known outside it.

Key features of Hardin MD -

-In choosing the independent, subject-specific lists in Hardin MD, we have 
looked at many sites in each field, and have chosen the lists that are most 
frequently cited by people in the field, thus providing a rudimentary form 
of peer evaluation.

-Because the size of lists is indicated, it is easy to see which of the 
multi-subject lists is most complete. In particular, it shows clearly that 
Yahoo falls short of specific medicine/health sciences lists (particularly 
MedWeb). Multi-subject lists used in Hardin MD include MedWeb, 
Yahoo:Health, Karolinska Institute MIC-KIBIC MeSH Index,  Medical Matrix, 
Martindale's Health Science Guide, Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference 
Library, and EiNet Galaxy

-Pointers are to the *specific section* of pages that cover the subject. 
This is especially useful in sites with large pages that have much 
extraneous material (i.e. Martindale's Health Science Guide).

-All links on Hardin MD are checked regularly to assure that they are 
connecting satisfactorily. Because the number of links on Hardin MD is 
limited, in comparison to primary lists that include dozens and hundreds of 
sites, it is practical to check this frequently. Sites are checked not only 
to see that they connect, but that they connect in a timely manner.

-Mirror sites are included when available. This is especially valuable for 
transatlantic connections, which often have poor connections.

Please pay a visit to Hardin MD, and let us know how we can make it more 

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"I never meta-index I didn't like" -- Andy Spooner

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