paper eating bacteria

Anonymous Remail Service nobody at vegas.gateway.com
Thu Mar 7 16:32:34 EST 1996

Maybe I'm having a bad day, but I am tired of people who
get paid to post questions to this list that can be answered
by a textbook, quick trip to the public library,  or search
of the net.  

I am forwarding about 1000 references I found doing a search
on "cellulolytic" and "bacteria". My apologies if you have
a 2400 baud modem.

While we're at it,  I'm the one who sent 1000 references to
the guy who asked for papers on "Bacillus".  I hope you
found them helpful.

As a matter of opinion,  this newsgroup should not decay into
another forum for people who have waited until the last
minute to do their homework, or who are just plain lazy.


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