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Fri Mar 8 01:36:34 EST 1996

The Garry Lab is planning an update of our popular WWW site, "All the
Virology on the WWW":


If you manage a web site that is of interest to virologists and
microbiologists, or fits into our table of contents below) then we
should list your site!  To add your URL, just fill out the site
submission form on the following page:


Thanks again for your support!



Table of Contents

           Institutional Virology Servers
              Virology Departments, and Research Institutes
              Virology Labs within Institutions
              Anti-Viral Drug Resources
              Vaccine and Vaccine Development Sites
              General Virology Resources and Databases
              Infectious Disease Resources
              Virological LaboratoryTechniques
              Viral Electron Micrographs & Macromolecular Images
              Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Viruses
              Viral Genome Sequence Data

           Graduate Programs in Virology
           On-Line Virology Courses and Tutorials
           Institutional Microbiology Servers
           Plant Virus Servers and Information
           Specific Virus Servers and Information
              Animal Viruses - Bovine, Equine, etc.
              Arboviruses - Insect Viruses, Flockhouse
              Astroviruses - Gastroenteritis
              Bunyaviridae - Hantavirus
              Filoviridae - Ebola
              Herpesviridae -- Herpesviruses
                    Cytomegalovirus - CMV
                    Epstein Barr Virus - EBV
              Norwalk Viruses - Gastroenteritis Viruses
              Orthomyxoviridae - Influenza Viruses
                    Paramyxoviruses - Para-Influenza Viruses
                    Morbilliviruses - Measles Viruses
              Papovaviridae - Papillomaviruses
                    Apthoviridae - Foot-and-Mouth Disease Viruses
                    Enteroviridae - Polio Viruses
                    Rhinoviridae - Rhinoviruses
              Retroviridae - Retroviruses
                    A-Type Retroviruses - HIAP 
                    Immunodeficiency Viruses - HIV-1, HIV-2 
                    Leukemia Viruses - FeLV
              Reoviridae - Reoviruses
              Rhabdoviruses - Rabies Viruses
                    Flaviviridae- Hepatitis C Viruses
                    Rubiviridae- Rubella Viruses

More Internet Resources for Virologists:

           AIDS Information/Research (See HIV info also)
              General AIDS Information
              Misc. Special Topic AIDS Servers
              Clinical AIDS and Patient Care Resources
              Clinical Trials Information
              Educational/Sociological AIDS Resources
              Legal Issues Surrounding AIDS
              Other Lists of WWW AIDS Sites
              Alternative Views of AIDS
              Usenet Newsgroups Related to AIDS
           Emerging Viruses Information/Research
           Other Health Organizations
           Disease Servers (Viral?)
           Epidemiology and Public Health Sites
           Scientific Companies
           Scientific Societies of Interest to Virologists
           Online Access to Journals of Interest to Virologists
           Government Agencies of Interest to Virologists
           Patents & Legal Resources
                    Technology Transfer
           Post-Doctoral and Other Science Jobs
           Other Lists of WWW Links for Virologists
           Usenet Newsgroups for Virologists
           WWW Searching Options

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