Summer Course in Marine Microbiology

Curtis Suttle Curtis at UTMSI.ZO.utexas.edu
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A course in marine microbiology will be offered from June 10 through June 
28 at The Bamfield Marine Station on the west coast of Vancouver Island, 
British Columbia. This will be a lecture and laboratory course emphasizing 
microbes and microbial processes in the water column of marine 
environments. Lectures will examine our emerging understanding of marine 
bacteria, viruses and protists, and their roles in marine food webs and 
geochemical cycles. The laboratory will employ a variety of molecular and 
radiotracer approaches to investigate the composition and rate processes 
of microbial communities. There will be an opportunity to undertake a 

The Bamfield Marine Station is located in a spectacular setting in the 
village of Bamfield in Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver 
Island. The islands of the Deer and Broken Groups provide an array of 
shorelines. Beds of giant kelp, rocky pinnacles, reefs, walls and shell 
sand slopes support a diverse and abundant assemblage of subtidal 
organisms. The area has approximately 15 small islands with nesting 
seabirds. Gray whales, Steller's and California sea lions and harbour 
seals are common in the area. There are also occasional sightings of 
harbour porpoises, elephant seals and killer whales.

The course is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students 
and will be instructed by Dr Curtis Suttle. Additional information can be 
obtained on the Bamfield Marine Station home page (http://bms.bc.ca) or by 
contacting Dave Hutchinson, the program coordinator (dhutch at bms.bc.ca), or 
the instructor (curtis at utmsi.zo.utexas.edu).

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