What is proteose peptone (Difco)?

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>> Can someone tell me what proteose peptone is?  Is it like pancreatic 
>> digest of casein or something.  I don't have a Difco manual or I'd look 
>> it up myself.  I'm want ot know if a media recipe containing proteose 
>> peptone can be substituted with something else.
>> Thanks
>> Mark Fuller, Ph.D.
>All I could find is that it is a peptic digest of animal tissue.  There
>are three different ones from Difco.  Proteose Peptone Difco, Proteose
>Peptone No.2 Difco and Proteose Peptone No.3 Difco.
>According to the manual No.3 is the best of the three for nutrition in
>culturing fastidious organisms.
>Sorry, I don't know of any substitutes for it.


I have successfully substituted 1% yeast autolysate with 1% tryptic
digest of casein.  The only time that I would not suggest
this substitution is when following a procedure for toxin production.


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