richard richardz at cy-net.net
Mon Mar 11 12:26:01 EST 1996

In article <jcherwon.108.001032FA at dres.dnd.ca>, jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca (John Cherwonogrodzky) says:
>Dear Richard:
>     I'm puzzled. Why in the world would you want to micro-encapsulate 
>gram-positive bacteria and why would you want them to be viable? 

I'm not the Richard who asked the question about microencapsulation, but
there are some real world sensible reasons to  microencapsulate viable 
Something called competetive exclusion is in vogue in the poultry industry
and it involves giving poultry exposure to viable cultures of normal gut
microflora at a very early age; firt meal or first drink. Microencapsulation
would be potentially useful as a means for storing and delivering these

Having said that, I would also like to know why the other Richard is
interested in this process.  

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