Adenovirus protocol...help!

Gerard Fernandes bc980 at freenet.toronto.on.ca
Sat Mar 9 16:37:41 EST 1996

We are working with an adenovirus that is known to replicate well in the
continuous cell line HEK-293.  However, it doesn't appear to grow well in 
HeLa cells.  CPE is evident in the HEK-293 cell monolayers, but there is a 
block in  release  of progeny virions and restriction to a single cycle 
of infection in the HeLa cells.  

We are attempting to compare the replication kinetics between the two 
cell lines and are in search of the appropriate protocol (specifically, 
the infection conditions, sampling times, method of harvesting progeny 
virus, and method of measuring progeny yield).  If you are 
aware of any protocols appropriately dealing with such an experiment or 
you have any ideas, please pass on the information as soon as possible.

	Thank you for your time,

		Gerard and Neal

Please e-mail to:  g.fernandes at utoronto.ca
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