need source for blackened, 0.22 um membrane filters

John W. Patching 0001705s at Bodkin.UCG.IE
Tue Mar 12 06:38:35 EST 1996

>Can anyone give me a source for blackened, gridded, 0.22um, mixed ester
>membrane filters for bacterial enumeration techniques?
>I can find 0.45 um filters but not 0.22 um.
Dye them yourself using irgalan black.  For epifluorescence microscopy we
use 0.22 =B5m polycarbonate (nucleopore) filters which have previously been
stained overnight with irgalen black (0.2% in 2% acetic acid) and rinsed in
particle-free water.  You can use other makes of filters (in fact, mixed
ester filters stain better), but nucleopores are the flattest and best for
microscopy. You shouldnt need a grid on the filter for microscopy, or are
you using them for cultural techniques?

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