TAGALIKHA at aol.com TAGALIKHA at aol.com
Wed Mar 13 01:36:32 EST 1996

To Whom It May Concern:

  I am a microbiologist seeking opportunities for a microbiologist position
in a pharmaceuetical company.  I have extensive knowledge in the following

-Bacterial Endotoxin Testing of Drug Products, Water, and Medical Devices.
-Sterility Testing of Drug Products and Medical Devices.
-Water, Alcohol, and Bioburden Testing.
-Growth Promotion(Maintainace of Orgs., GP of media, etc.)
-Pre-VITEK knowledge(Gram Staining, Streaking, Morphology, etc.)
-Sterility test validations.
-Bacterial Endotoxin Test validations.
-Environmental Monitoring.

  If you have any information about a job opening for a microbiologist
position, please e-mail me at TAGALIKHA at AOL.COM

Thank you..      

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