Robert McGehee rmcgehee at teclink.net
Wed Mar 13 10:33:33 EST 1996

Hello, I am currently doing microbiology research and I am need to model 
a curve to my data.  My data of bacteria growth rate follows a standard 
logistic curve, with a lag, exponential, and stationary phase.  I 
understand that this can be modeled in the form 1/(1+e^-x).  However, my 
data also includes a death phase in which my bacteria growth data 
reaches a peak and then begins decreasing.  I do not know how to include 
this in my model--if possible.  Therefore my data begins increasing 
exponentially before it reaches its peak and it then decreases (I 
suppose logarithmically).  So can anyone give me a straightforward 
suggestion on how to model this--I haven't taken any math past first 
year Calculus. Please send suggestions to my e-mail address: 
rmcgehee at teclink.net


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