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David R. Boone boone at ese.ogi.edu
Thu Mar 14 10:52:17 EST 1996

cynthia wang wrote:
> While digging into some old cultures left by former
> employees/projects I saw some invalid names such as
> Aerobacter.  A search over the catalog of WMDC led to many
> more invalid names.  How do I relate these names to new, valid
> ones?  Is there a manual?

Bergey's Manuals are considered by many to be the definitive 
taxonomic and nomenclatural reference for bacteria.  Bergey's 
Manual of Determinative Bacteriology is more recent (1994) but 
Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (4 volumes) is more 
detailed.  A description of the contents can be found at the 
Bergey's Trust home page: http://server.mph.msu.edu/bergeys/
The publisher is Williams & Wilkins; refer to 

You may also be interested in an inexpensive, handy desk 
reference for names, also published by Williams & Wilkins, 
"Bergey's Bacteria Words."  Soon a database containing bacterial 
names will be available also at the Bergey's Trust homepage.

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