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Fri Mar 15 01:33:00 EST 1996

We at Columbus Instruments developed very sensitive O2/CO2 RESPIROMETER
(Micro-Oxymax) which measures bacteria respiration with 0.2 microliter
With optional CO2, CH4, H2 , H2S and NH3 sensors can be used for anearobic

situations. It monitors 1 to 80 samples which can be liquid or solid. It
is based on
monitoring head space gas by one set of external sensors having 0.001%
resolution. It is currently being used for testing biodegradation of oil,
plastic polymers, TNT, creozote, respiration of algea, soil respiration,
insects respiration,
coffee oxidation, toxicity etc.
It operates on closed chamber principle with periodic air (or ather gas)
It can also operate in open flow principle for monitoring high bioactivity
of compost
or sludge, fermentation etc.
Samples can be of any size from grams to many kg.
We have number of application papers ( and catalog) which we can send on
If interested please send E-mail  with your street address to:

Jan Czekajewski Ph.D.
Columbus Instruments, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Internet: 75144.2413 at compuserve.com
Fax: (614)276-0529

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