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In article <4i4u84$h21 at gatekeeper.genencor.com>, cwang at genencor.com (cynthia wang) says:
>While digging into some old cultures left by former employees/projects
>I saw some invalid names such as Aerobacter.  A search over the catalog
>of WMDC led to many more invalid names.  How do I relate these names to
>new, valid ones?  Is there a manual?

Start with a little know publication that I think may be somewhat dated
but should be of help, Index Bergyana, Buchanan Holt and Lessel 1966 and
its supplement Gibbon Pattee and Holt 1982.

Then go to a good library -or your computer screen- and search the 
Indexes of Int J. Systematic Bacteriology.

In most cases the name changes are well known and common knowledge.`
Also, approximately every decade there is a published list of approved
names.  Since I don't teach I have to apologize for not having the exact
title or citation on the tip of my tongue.   Ah, just found it.
Approved lists of Bacterial Names  IJSB 30:225-420; 1980, and I am sure
there is a 1990 or so revision. Try Moore, WEC and Moore LVH  1989. 

A good general guide to the relevant issues, besides Bergey's is 
International Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria 1990 Revision.  Published
by ASM in 1992.

P.S. Anyone need an undergrad bacteriology instructor (prof etc.)???

Aerobacter--was renamed Enterobacter a zillion years ago.  C. parvum
was renamed Propioibacterium, again a zillion years ago.
Same with the  Pasturella, Francilla and Yersinia.  Specific epithets
get more confusing, especially in groups like the salmonellae.

Just hang in there  and do your homework and you can find the answers.

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