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RE>I am searching a real natural preservative for cosmetic use or drinkable
RE>liquid. Is somebody can help me ?
RE>My E-mail is :  reala at nationalnet.com

I'm not sure what you mean by a "real natural preservative."  If you
adjust the pH you can inhibit bacterial growth, you might include some
sorbic acid at neutral pH, but to adequately preserve a formulation you
may be forced into using something effective - which is why chemical
preservatives are so useful.

If you what to explore this, and related topics, in more detail I wuold
suggest joining a group such as the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum.
We are in the process of putting up a web site at
http://www.microbiol.org/microbbs/pmf.html to provide information on
joining.  The membership includes a subscription to a private mailing
list on topics of pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic microbiology.

The web site should be active by Sunday evening, March 17, or drop me an
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