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Peter Slocombe slocombe at WSUNIX.WSU.EDU
Sun Mar 17 15:47:34 EST 1996

Re:  HELP: Need 1-800-# for Carl Zeiss Microscopes

Dated: 15 Mar 1996 21:15:01 GMT

Robert H. Ruskin Jr. wrote:
>Does anyone have the Toll-Free Number for Carl Zeiss Microscopes? I am 
>trying to help a friend. I had a beautiful Epi-fluorescent 'Scope, 
>Darkfield, Phase Contrast, etc. that was destroyed in the Virgin Islands 
>by Marilyn. They need to replace it.

Dear Robert H. Ruskin Jr.:

There is a Fisher Scientific in Phoenix (or at least there used to be, back 
in '86); they carry Zeiss.  They list a Zeiss Epifluorescence Illumination 
Kit for $3797.00 (page 1206): filters, not included.  If you have a web 
browser, Fisher's whole catalog is now on line (http://www.fisher1.com/).

Some Fisher numbers:

Sales:   1 (800) 766-7000
Fax:     1 (800) 926-1166
Help:    1 (800) 388-8355
Safety:  1 (800) 926-8999
Service: 1 (800) 395-5442

Some Zeiss numbers:

Main:   1 (800) 642-7675
I forget what this number is for:  1 (800) 525-3479
Page:   1 (800) 543-1033

Someone at the main number will give you the name of your sales rep.  You 
can then page him and he'll get back to you (use the pager number). Or, if 
you take his first initial and first 7 letters of his last name (I think) 
you can e-mail him at Zeiss (for example, Clide Lulham's e-mail address at 
Ziess is clulham at zeiss.com).  If you're having trouble try Steve 
Mark--smark at zeiss.com (I think).

Good Luck,

Peter Slocombe
Washington State University

P.S.  I hope nobody has trouble with the commercially oriented nature of 
this posting; I'm just trying to be helpful.

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