A. tumefaciens--aggregation and growth

Erma Lai emlai at ucdavis.edu
Sun Mar 17 15:15:51 EST 1996

In article <314943AA.5275 at teclink.net>, Robert McGehee
<rmcgehee at teclink.net> wrote:

> I am looking for information on the aggregation of A. tumefaciens or 
> other similar bacteria.  I have run into a problem when the A. 
> tumefaciens aggregates in certain media.  Can anyone give me a reason 
> why this occurs?
> Also, what is the chemical tryptone responsible for in LB growth medium. 
>  I have found that my bacteria grows well without that substance present 
> in its medium.
> Thanks,
> Robert

A. tumefaciens usually aggregates in AB minimal media but not in 523 rich
media. But, I don't know what is the specific compound causing the
aggregation. Anyway, the aggregation seems not to be a problem for the
gene expression.


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