QUESTION - Re: HPC/Coliform and Ozonation

Freak user at host.com
Sun Mar 17 00:38:04 EST 1996

I manage a domestic water treatment facility with ozonation as the first 
step in the treatment process. The raw water source is of good bacterial 
quality, i.e., fecal coliform 20-40/100ml, often less. The ozone contact 
basin is designed to provide adequate contact time and ozone residual 
for disinfection of the raw water. However, we get heterotrophic, total 
coliform and fecal coliform counts in our ozone residual water sample 
lines. My question is: how effective is ozonation, in dosages of 0.4-0.6 
mg/L for several minutes, in the inactivation of the aformentioned 
bacteria? Should we not expect a total kill-off of these organism with 
ozone. In my past experience pre-chlorination has reduced the counts to 
nil. Thank you!

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