Help! Leica or Zeiss?

Peter Slocombe slocombe at WSUNIX.WSU.EDU
Sun Mar 17 17:15:06 EST 1996

Perhaps you can help me with a personal dilemma; I'm about to purchase a 
microscope and I've boiled 
the choice down to either a Leica Galen III or a Carl Zeiss Standard 20.  
The Leica has more bells and 
whistles than the Zeiss, and for the setup I'm thinking of it's also about 
$1000 cheaper than the Zeiss.  I 
have not used either and am 500 miles from the closest demo unit.  In your 
personal opinion would I be 
better off, in the long-run, going with the Zeiss?  Is one more comfortable 
to use than the other in terms 
of fatigue?  How would YOU compare these two microscopes generally?

Peter Slocombe
Washington State University
slocombe at wsunix.wsu.edu

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