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Jim Harris jharris at LABA.TDH.TEXAS.GOV
Tue Mar 19 18:10:11 EST 1996

This message announces two significant, "hands-on" workshops to be 
held on July 1l and July 12, 1996 in Raleligh,  North Carolina:
July 11 - Identification of Gram Negative Bacteria
This one day workshop emphasizes the identification of miscellaneous 
Gram-negative bacteria using conventional biochemical tests of the 
King/Weaver protocol.  Lectures will present mechanisms of tests.  
Participants will read test results and identify cultures.  Rapid 
tests and new methodologies such as fatty acid analysis  and 
molecular epidemiology will also be discussed.

July 12 Identification of Medically Important Gram-Positive Rods
The role of Gram-positive rods in infectious disease and the laboraory 
techniques for their identification will be presented in this one 
day workshop.  Instructors will discuss this diverse group of 
aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria and the identification 
which has been patterned after the Elizabeth King protocol discussed 
on July 11.  Both conventional and rapid methods will be included in 
the "hands-on" portion of the laboratory.  There will be a lecture on 
cellular fatty acid analylsis as a relatively new identification 
method.  Molecular typing, a powerful newly emerging epidemiology 
tool, will also be discussed.  

Faculty for both of these programs will be Suzanne Barth, Ph.D. with 
the Bureau of Laboratories of the Texas Department of Health and 
Susan Gibson, M(ASCP), retired from the Bureau of Laboratories.

The fee for each workshop is $100 if paid before June 10th or $120 
after June 10th.  Participants may attend both programs for $190 if 
registered prior to June 10th  or for $230 after that date.

For more information or to register, please contact
Martha Adams
Laboratory Improvement Section
North Carolina Public Health  Laboratory
P.O.Box 28047
Raleigh, NC 27611-8047
phone 919-733-7186
FAX 919-733-8695

jharris at laba.tdh.state.tx.us

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