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<<Subject:	HELP - Selective yeast media
From:	Mark Fuller <mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov>
Date:	15 Mar 1996 17:36:52 GMT

<<Does anyone know of a quick and easy media to grow/select for yeasts and

inhibit bacterial growth?  Maybe even something you don't have to order 
from Difco (recipe please).>>

The problem is over growth of molds.  Antibiotics and acid (tartaric 10%
sterile add to make 3.5 pH)  will easily inhibit bacteria, see PDA, DG18,
FDA-BAM Chapter 19, USP-MLT, etc.  I suggest "Rose Bengal-dichloran- with
20% sucrose-agar-medium with added chlortetracycline (it's better than
chloramphenicol IMO).  Or, a combination of chlortetracycline and
streptomycin is good.   See OXOID (not DIFCO).  This medium inhibits
bacteria and molds.

Contact me for more info. See my web page too.

<<Also, would a gram stain of a yeast look like HUGE, ovoid gram positive 

Yes,  that is right.

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