Med tech school questions

Red Rebel7 redrebel7 at aol.com
Tue Mar 19 23:34:07 EST 1996

Hi everyone:
I am a graduating senior (yea) in Microbiology with a Med Tech option.  I
am seeking information about Training schools.  I have a few questions I
would like to have information about.  First, did anyone have a wonderful
educational experience at there training hospital.  Next, as many more
training schools close and the programs get more and more competitive I am
wondering if anyone has the inside word on school that have a high
acceptance for first time applicant ratio The second question I have is
off the subject a bit.  Can I work as a MLT with just my 4 year
microbiology degree with a med tech option.  Or can I challenge the test
the MLT certification test without any more schooling.  Or do I have to go
back to community college and get the MLT training.  I ask this question
for only one reason because frankly my advisor is not up on this because
in Montana were I live We have no such thing as a MLT in the lab just the
phlebotomists.  Any information that anyone has would be greatly

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