Kan resistance and pH

Rafael Maldonado rafael at corona.med.utah.edu
Thu Mar 21 13:35:38 EST 1996

Hello netters

I have read (I had the paper in my hands) that the relation between Kan 
resistance (gen from Tn5) and expression of the kan gene is "linear" when 
the medium is buffered. I think that the authors of that paper use this 
system to select kan gene recombination from the chromosome to a 
multicopy plasmid.

But I cannot remember nor the author, nor the journal, anything from that 
paper. I have mahe extensive searches through several databases, Current 
Contents and so, without succes; besides is really difficult because I 
don't remember the year either.

So... would you please give me any information about that issue you can 
have on hand? It would be very useful.



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