Natural preservative

Enigl enigl at aol.com
Fri Mar 22 09:50:35 EST 1996

<<I am searching a real natural preservative for cosmetic use or drinkable

liquid. Is somebody can help me ?
My E-mail is :  reala at nationalnet.com>>

Try Colloidal Silver 1100 ppm. Call 800-266-4447 for information. 

Also, see my chapter on water activity and preservation in the new
publication _Principles of Self-Preserving Cosmetic and Drug Formulations_
ed. Jon Kabara and Don Orth.  In Press 1996, Marcel Dekker.

Davin C. Enigl, MS, MEAS
Senior Microbiologist, Consultant

HACCP Validations-sm
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Validations
For the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry

March 21, 1996
9:47 pm

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